Fusion Pressure

When determining your fusion pressure you have four options:

When figuring fusion pressure always take into account what drag pressure will be and add that to your fusion pressure. 

  1. Use the Fusion Pressure Slide ruler which is given with every machine. (If you have misplaced the one that came with the machine you may reorder one on McElroy's website from this link Slide Ruleror call in to our office.)
  2. If you have someone that has internet access you can go to the McCalc Online Fusion Pressure Calculator and enter all the information need and it will determine the pressure for you. To determine your interfacial pressure please consult with you pipe manufacturer. McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator
  3. You may also do the math long hand. The following link gives an example and explains how to achieve this. Mathematical Equation
  4. Call into our office at (330) 652-8448. We would be more than happy to assist you in determining the correct fusion pressure for you.  

McElroy also has an application that is available free for those who have an iPhone, iPad, or Droid.